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Friday, June 19, 2009

New sketch: Chemical Engineer

A new sketch about chemical engineering!


Sunday, June 14, 2009

SketchFest, Facebook

We had a great time at SketchFest NYC! We met some folks, showed some videos, cured some cancer... it was fantastic! Check out our interview on the Comedy Nerds podcast.

In Facebook news we have changed from the useless group page to a normal page. Become a fan!

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Friday, June 12, 2009

Sandwich of PICTURES

Here's a crapload of pictures from Sandwich of Terror Episode 4! For the first time, every shoot was photo-documented. Even though we were ingloriously cancelled at Channel 101: NY, we're all really proud of this one. It was a fun and challenging episode to make!

I appeared multiple times at the same time on screen in "The Life And Time Travel of Dr. Barnabus Perriwinkle." How'd we do it? Well, after watching "Multiplicity" a dozen times...we decided to use numerous split screens (or "halfsies" as they're called in the biz). Both Chris and Jeremy acted as my stand-ins so I could react to myselves (goddamn prima donnas!).

In this bottom picture, Chris is playing "TOM2." Later on, we'll overlay myself as "TOM2" but remove half of the--uhhh, this is really boring to explain...we used magic! We got ourselves a "production wizard" named Hank and he waved his arms and exclaimed "Wizardly Wiz Ta-zam!" and the effect was achieved. (I love that fucking wizard.)

Here's ace DP Josh Wolitzky and our director Jeremy Westphal either A) framing a shot or B) silently mulling dinner options. (UPDATED!! Jeremy was actually consuming his own hand to get Josh's attention...It didn't work.)

Mr. Greg Erskine whipped up these awesome "Important President" prop beers. They're so regal looking! And chock full of barley, hops, and Van Buren!
We had a large cast and crew for "Any Witch Way You Can" (FUN FACT!! If you look closely you can spot "Clyde the Orangutan" in the background of this story). This was our first big night shoot and you'd never believe how we did it...lights! After blindly fumbling and groping around in the dark for a few hours, we decided to try using lights while shooting. And boy, did they ever work! Yup. They really shed some light on the subject! (FUN FACT!! This is an inside production joke because movie lights are commonly stored in sheds.)

In this bottom picture Phil Pinto is holding something rectangular, Autumn Clark has her hand up for some reason, and Christopher Ford and I are looking up. This is how movies are made.

Here's Autumn in her awesome witch make-up that she put on herself. She played both "Sharon" and the witch to best illustrate the introspective duality that one encounters in life. Also, the other lady actress (or "lactress" as they're called in the biz) never showed up, so Autumn had to do both parts.

Eric Stoltz from "Mask" and Bill Clinton made a surprise set visit.

Rob Lathan (aka "Hard Hat" from Mister Glasses) was nice enough to help us in starring in our 1980s set PSAs. In writing the episode, we wanted to come up with some really lame and ill-conceived PSAs geared towards kids. And we've always enjoyed writing characters that love sports, but don't understand them at all, so that's why the "messages" make little to no sense.

It was a super hot day when we shot in McCarron Park. That's why I'm so disoriented and trying to get audio from a Twix wrapper (off-screen) instead of Rob.

(FUN FACT!! Jeremy is using a "camera tripod" in this picture. Scientists and film historians still have no idea what it's precisely used for, but they've theorized that one possible use is drying on-set laundry).

He took my water.

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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

SketchFest is Soon!

SketchFest NYC 2009 starts tomorrow! Tons of the funny groups will be there. So many "tee hees" and "hardy hars" will be had. Some of our humorous material will be screened on Saturday, June 13th at 6pm. And we'll probably be hanging around for most of the festival, schmoozing, looking for spare change, etc.