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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Behind the Scenes of The Puppet Sketch

Hello, my friends. Tom Silvestro here. Just wanted to post a few pictures of the "Get on The Winning Team" shoot. We shot in Barcade in early November.

Autumn Clark and Jeremy Westpahl made the awesome puppets (left to right: Smumbles and Sporps) and provided the puppeteering. They had previously worked their puppet magic on Puppet Rapist.

Here's Phil Pinto setting up a shot of Smumbles leaving the bar. Phil had previously helped us with shooting for Scissor Cop Episode 5 during the warehouse scene. He also had his throat viciously slashed by Verde as a Nurse in episode 6.

"Pull da strings!"

Sporps and Rick Murphy share a bonding moment before boarding the winning team.

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