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Friday, November 21, 2008

Scissor Cop 6 Production Stills

Hello, bloggernauts! Tom here. I wanted to put up some behind the scenes pics of Scissor Cop 6 (aka "Verde: The Color of Evil").

With this episode, we finally had the chance to shoot in the creepy alleyway construction we had ours eyes on since episode 4. It was worth the wait, since it makes a handsome location for our back alley medical scene.

In this picture, Backalley Medical's finest prep Mrs. Driggs for her surgery.

Here's a shot of Chris in our lovely and cozy Waiting Alley.

It was really cold and windy that day, so for a few shots we tried to block the boom for sound (and cuddling) purposes.

We rented a room at a music/acting rehearsal studio for the interrogation scene. It was the same place where we shot the piano flashback for episode 2.


Movie Magic Alert! The hospital scene wasn't actually shot in a hospital. Rather, it was Chris's apartment. How'd we do it? Lasers.

Mitch Magee ("Mister Glasses") gets into character with the help of the greatest fake goatee...we could afford.

And finally, here's a pic of Benny and Chris in Verde's torture room. How's the Scissor Copper gonna get out of this one? Stay tuned...

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