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Monday, March 30, 2009

Sandwich of Terror 1 & 2 Behind the Scenes Pics

Hello, Sandwich Enthusiasts! Just wanted to post a few behind the scenes pictures.

Sandwich of Terror began as an idea Chris and I had sometime around the second episode of Scissor Cop. We both loved the cheesiness of "Tales from the Darkside" and wanted to do something that was easy to shoot, as well as being a bit more geared towards our sketch comedy background. It's also a nice challenge to create two completely different "stories" in the span of five minutes...and have weird little WXZT station promos in between.

This picture is from our first Sandwich shoot for "The Stinkening" in which the great Mitch Magee ("Double M" to friends) helped us out.

Here I am as "Murphy Steinbaum" (aka "America's Sweetheart") in one of our WXZT bumpers.

Shooting "Friend or Faux?" with Channel 101-ers Jon Golbe and Jess Lane. Check out Teen Homicide or The Jon & Jess Variety Hour for more of their top notch work.

This was Sherlockbot from a classic Waverly Films sketch. Jeremy helped make it and Chris painted over it for this shoot. We've been wanting to use the ol' guy for some time now.

Shek Baker as landlord extraordinaire, Mr. Satanson.

Caitlin Norton (the scorned "Linda" from "Contractual Damnation") navigating the somewhat cramped confines of our main shooting hub in Chris's apartment (a ridiculous amount of sketches/scenes have been shot here).

Yours in Sandwiches,

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